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Web-site online, EP complete

2011-12-28 19:54:29 by godset

Our site has gone online. Check out LunaticPandora.NET! As the site continues to expand it will serve as a resource for all commercial releases and release information.

Work on the five song EP, "Echoes of Eden" is complete. Once cover art has been completed as well, it will be available as an electronic release on all major online music stores, including iTunes. Availability is expected within six weeks, pending acceptance by distributors. A physical release will follow suit shortly after.

At long last, the tracks for the upcoming album Solid State Machine have been solidified! There will be a grand total of eight songs on the album, covering a range of styles while all adhering to the industrial metal feel I've been working so diligently to achieve. Without giving too much away for the time being, I'll leave you with the track listing for now. I'll also be posting some of the lyrics shortly to give you a sense of the emotional content and style of the songs.
Solid State Machine

1. Echoes of Eden (Extended)
2. Aphelion
3. Bury the Beating Heart
4. Hatred Harbors Loyalty
5. In the Arms of Abaddon
6. Solid State Machine
7. Deconstruct
8. Birthright

The eighth and final song, Birthright, will be a collaborative effort between myself and a very talented drummer whose identity will be made clear soon enough. Suffice to say I'm continually impressed by his work and we should be able to create some very interesting music together.
Until next time, I look forward to giving you some auditory stimulus to digest!

Album in the works

2011-05-28 10:34:05 by godset

There's been a significant lack of material recently for two major reasons. First, and leading to the second, I've been spending more of my time learning to play guitar than anything else. I've got a pretty nice recording setup at the moment, and now my skills have to catch up. At that point I'll be able to make more diverse songs featuring both guitar as well as vocals. As for the second reason, I've been doing planning in various forms for an album I'll be putting together called Solid State Machine. The best way to describe this project would be a sort of electronic metal with classical influences... That may sound like an odd combination, but it shouldn't be too hard to imagine fi you've heard much of my music.

If you'd like to be up to date as this project comes together, as well as hear samples and other tracks as things progress, head over to my Facebook page, Lunatic Pandora. It's growing steadily and is rapidly oudating my NG page!

Lunatic Pandora @ Facebook

Album in the works

So I just got a pretty nice new MIDI controller, M-Audio KeyRig 49. I was a bit apprehensive about having only 49 keys to work with, but there are two reasons this has become an irrelevant concern. First, it's not a synthesizer, it's a MIDI keyboard. Recording an entirely dynamic concert piano piece in one take probably isn't on my list of priorities. Second, you can easily shift the octave up and down with controls on the keyboard.

So, I can easily recommend this piece of equipment to anyone. It accomplishes its goals beautifully. Keep in mind, it is not a synthesizer, it does not produce sound. It's a MIDI controller, and it interfaces with your software to produce sound. The best part? The $100 CAD price tag. That means for all you American composers it will be even less than that!

That said, I have for you the first fruits of my labors with this lovely new keyboard. Check out my new song, Sins of Allegiance. It's also one of my beginning attempts with a new VST I've fallen in love with by the name Edirol Orchestral. I've also got some slight use of Symphonic Choirs in there, which if used properly can produce breathtaking results. Did I use it properly? You be the judge - And don't forget to vote.